Two Team Play

The Runemaster’s Sanctum is designed as a two-team campaign, a Dungeon Delve/Exploration Team and a Politcal/Resources Management Team, each run by a different DM. But what does this actually mean? The following paragraphs will give a brief description of what to expect from each team and, hopefully, give you a better idea of where you want to be.

NOTE: Each team must have a minimum of 2 people for play to commence

Dungeon Delve/Exploration Team

  • GM: Raivnor
  • Focal Skills: Dungeoneering, Arcana, Athletics, Acrobatics, Perception, Survival, Endurance, and Theivery
  • Other Useful Skills: History and Religion
    As the title espouses, this team will spend a majority of their time exploring the vast unknowns of the Runemaster’s Sanctum. Players will negotiate traps, overcome an array of obstacles, and face challenging monsters that dwell in the Sanctum’s depths. Along the way, they will encounter puzzles, fantastic terrain, and a labyrinthine landscape. The goals of this team are to find long-lost treasures and unravel the ultimate mystery behind the Sanctum.
    Puzzles: Puzzles will range in type from manipulative to verbal riddles and can be solved by the whole group or just one person, as is the group’s preference. Keep in mind that you’re expected to play your character. Meaning, that a solution must be achieved by using character knowledge/ability only. If one player knows the answer but is playing a character with insufficient INT or WIS to come to that conclusion, they may not direct the others. Likewise, a player whose character has high INT or WIS may be given a ‘roll chance’ for the appropriate stat to receive knowledge from the DM that could help solve the puzzle.

Political/Resource Management Team

  • GM: Iavasgil
  • Focal Skills: Bluff, Diplomacy, Insight, Intimidate, Perception, History, Religion, and Streetwise
  • Other Useful Skills: Stealth and Thievery
    Much like the title suggests, this team will be responsible for managing the political allies/rivals and resource accumulation for the campaign. While this might seem a trivial responsibility, the success/failure of the Dungeon team will hinge upon the support provided them by this one. Supplies ranging from the basics of food and money all the way up to the acceptance/support of high-ranking officials within the many political houses depends upon the acumen of this team’s members. Members will engage in negotiations, subterfuge, and blackmail to gain support for their mission; all in the form of Skill Challenges and Roleplaying. As each political house has varying levels of animosity toward each of the others, managing these alliances and contentions in such a way as to enable the success of the Dungeon team will be quite difficult. Particularly when you remember that politicians and dignitaries all have very sensitive egos.
    Negotiations/Blackmail: As the primary goal of this team is to support their comrades through gathering of resources and support, negotiation and blackmail attempts will be extremely important. As such, these events will not consist of simple rolls for success. How you say something will be just as important as what you say. Roleplaying is a must and will be enforced

Two Team Play

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