Races of Khorvaire

Races of Khorvaire

Human – For good or ill, humans are the dominant race on Khorvaire and the most numerous on Sarlona. Adaptable and ambitious, humans have defined history in the recent age, and wherever Eberron’s fate goes in the future, humanity will undoubtedly be the guiding force.

Halfling – A nomadic people originally from eastern Khorvaire, halflings have spread throughout the continent and have come to occupy all niches of society. They claim few territories, and they are at home in most places. After humans, they are one of Eberron’s most ubiquitous races.

Half-Elves – Half elves live throughout Khorvaire, particularly within the Five Nations. Khorvaire contains a few communities that predominantly consist of half-elves, but such settlements are rare within human-occupied regions.

Elves – Many of Khorvaire’s elves dwell in the nation of Valenar, although the majority of elves in Eberron remain in Aerenal. Although these elves are willing to trade and interact with outsiders, neither community welcomes visitors. Elves are a significant minority in many nations, but tend to have more in common with the races around them than the elves of their ancient homelands.

Kalashtar – Most kalashtar remain in the temple keeps of Adar. A wise and contemplative people, most kalashtar only travel the world with a specific goal behind their actions. They often pass as human, though when recognized are often valued for their wisdom. However, they are also under constant danger from the threat of the Dreaming Dark, who have agents everywhere.

Changelings – Changelings are hard to find in Khorvaire, being highly mistrusted they often adopt guises that make them hard to locate. They are amongst the best spies of the Five Kingdoms, but very few will speak of them openly.

Warforged – Created in the Last War. Warforged have been freed and recognized as sentient beings. They struggle to find their place in Khorvaire, but recently many have gravitated to the Mournland and the fiery, hateful rhetoric of the Lord of Blades.

Eladrin and other Fey (Hamadryads, Pixies, Satyrs,Wilden)- Since the Day of Mourning, the shining towers of the Feywild, the Feyspires, have been trapped within the mortal realm. There are six towers spread across Khorvaire, and most of the fey stay instinctively near them, desperately searching for a way back to the Feywild. Some are drawn away by the promise of a gateway or the desire for knew knowledge, but they often find a world wild and alien to what they know.

Gnomes – Zilargo is the land of the gnomes. Valuing their former kinship with the Feywild, they offer sanctuary to any fey who are not at the Feyspires. Inherently curious and fiercely intelligent, Gnomes are among the greatest movers and shakers in Khorvaire and are found throughout the land.

Devas – Devas are spirits of light who remain after a millennia old conflict between demons and couatls, winged serpents born of the blood of Siberys. They have no homeland and are so rare that a deva can go entire lifetimes without seeing another of their kind.

Dwarves – Dwarves live all across Khorvaire, but their homeland is the Mror Hold deep in the mountains, where most of the metal of the Five Kingdoms originates. Miners, crafters, and bankers, Dwarves are respected everywhere, albeit sometimes begrudgingly.

Mul – The descendants of dwarves and humans, Muls have recently caused rancor among the dwarven community when some of them began to manifest dwarven dragonmarks. The jealous nature of the dwarves of House Kundarak and the influence they have among the dwarven people in general has led most Muls to be ostracized. They are welcomed in most human cities, however, and some of the Muls bearing dragonmarks have begun to organize a new banking system. It remains to be seen whether this will become a new house defiant of the dwarves or simply fade over time.

Hengeyokai – As shape shifters, Hengeyokai are reviled by the Order of the Silver Flame but have found a place in Aundair with it’s more secular laws. They mostly occupy the pastoral farmlands of that kingdom though some are drawn by curiosity to the cities to ply their trades and seek adventure.

Shifters – Called ‘weretouched’ by many, shifters are among the most ditrusted and persecuted races. The largest population of them is in the Eldeen Reaches, otherwise they tend to stick to the wild and untamed regions of Khorvaire. They will occasionally appear in the civilized world as mercenaries or scouts.

Dragonborn – A few dragonborn travel the world as adventurers or merchants, but most of Khorvaire’s dragonborn still live in Q’barra. After centuries of eking out a living in the jungles, dragonborn communities in Q’barra have begun to thrive, forming new governments and trading with outsiders.

Tieflings – Reviled and mistrusted because of their demonic heritage, most tieflings live in the harshest places in Khorvaire. The largest population of them can be found in the Demon Wastes, but many also live in the Shadow Marches and the monster nation of Droaam. Recently an enclave of tieflings claiming to have been freed from the shackles of their heritage have been given permission to settle in the rural outreaches of Aundair.

Goliaths – Most goliaths live in the high mountains of Khorvaire such as the Shadowcrags and the Icehorn Mountains. They prefer infrequent contact with civilization, but are sometimes drawn into a mercenary life by the desire to seek new insights and traditions for their people. Many goliaths have recently taken interest in the worship of the Silver Flame.

Drow and other Shadow Races (Shadar-kai, Vryloka, Duergar, Shades, Revenants, Svirfneblin) – Though often viewed as ‘contaminated,’ particularly in the religiously zealous nation of Thrane, many of these ‘dark’ races have found a place among the Five Nations. Not often found in polite society, they nonetheless are found in small numbers in many of the cities of Khorvaire. Those who seek the underground such as the Drow, Duergar, and Svirfneblin also have many secret communities in the caves and deep places of Khorvaire.

Monster Races (Bugbears, Bullywugs, Gnolls, Goblins, Hobgoblins, Kenku, Kobolds, Minotaur, Orcs, Thri’kreen) – Existing largely in the nation of Droaam, these races are viewed as hostile to the Five Nations. Rarely seen and often treated poorly, they appear mostly at the edges of civilization.

Outsider Races (Bladelings, Genasi, Gith, Shardminds) – Rarely seen in Eberron, the ‘others’ generally only appear when they are either on a specific mission or have been exiled from their native plane. They usually have specific goals and their own agenda, though often their unique appearance makes them a novelty among royal courts, who like to show them off.

Races of Khorvaire

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