Raiv's Basic Party Rules

Raiv’s Basic Party Rules

I will update this page if I think of new areas to add; it is made as an area where I will set out the basic code of conduct for being in a party as part of my campaign. First off, there is technically only one rule. All the other rules are just clarifications of this one rule:

Raiv’s Golden Rule

Do not do anything that will screw another member of your party over.

You don’t have to be a nice person, you don’t have to be good aligned, and you don’t have to even behave while among your party members. But at the end of the day, you are a team, and a team doesn’t function if you’re always looking over your shoulder to make sure your group member isn’t about to stab you in the back. Act as good or evil as you want, but just remember: even the vilest of villains supports the other people that share their goals.

Other Rules

  1. All money is group money, you don’t get to hoard all 65,000 gold pieces just because you found it when everyone else was examining a mural.
  2. Magic Items are distributed in this order: You—>Group—>Trash. You can keep every ring you find on your person, but if you’re gonna sell it, ask the group if they need it first.
  3. No stealing from other group members.
  4. No malicious use of abilities versus players. Pranks are fun, battles royale are boring and disrupt the game.
  5. No name-calling, no stonewalling, and no belittling teammates’ choices. D & D is a game about choices, roles, and learning. Be kind, be helpful, and be respectful.
  6. If you have a disagreement, state your case and wait for a ruling. If you still disagree, take it to the forums.

Raiv's Basic Party Rules

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